Diakonova University College

Diakonova University College

Diakonova University College is a private Diaconial College with approximately 600 students. We offer a Bachelor's degree in Nursing with common entrance requirements to all Colleges and Universities in Norway. The application form can be found on the website of the Admissions Office.
Diakonova offers specialization in Public Health Nursing, Cancer Nursing, and Nephrology Nursing and a postgraduate specialization in Hygiene and infection prevention. In the fall of 2014 we will alsp start a master's programme in Nursing.

The research program includes both national and international projects. Among international projects can be mentioned: Quality of life – Old, Quality of life for persons with Spina Bifida, Hygiene and prevention in Estonia, Diakonia in Indonesia and Care for the old people in China.

Some of the national projects are: Quality of life for persons with Spina Bifida, Practice learning for Nursing Students, Post Partum Depression – coping and prevention, Coping in severe illness and suffering, Sexual assaults – consequences and prevention, Bullying – consequences and prevention.'

For more information about our studies, call our Student administration at 0047 22 98 63 35 or send an e-mail to post@diakonova.no.


Diakonova Diaconal Foundation is an independent diaconal institution within The Church of Norway (§1). The foundation was established in 1916 with the aim of educating nurses for working within the local parishes. To achieve this target a dedicated education for nurses and a hospital were established in Oslo. The parish nurses became the forerunners for the public health nurse service and home nursing.

Diakonova still offers both an education and a further education for nurses, at the Diakonova University College. The running of a hospital is continued through part ownership in Lovisenberg Diakonale sykehus. (50 %). In later years the foundation has expanded its remitt to include several projects in collaboration with diaconal initiatives in other countries. Currently we have projects in Estonia, Spain, China, Indonesia, Israel and Brazil.

The board of directors is the senior organ for the foundation, with the Diaconal Director responsible for the day to day running. We regularly issue the magazine Diakonova.

A hallmark of the Diakonova is the position of the Diacon community. Nurses from all over the country came together ten years before the foundation was established, with the aim to: maintain the nurses`interests, strengthen the community within, and increase the quality of the nurses` service. This target resulted in the establishing of Diakonifellesskapet (a diaconal fellowship), a prayer and a care community, still today the basic ethos of the foundation.



Mer om studiene og høyskolen

Disputas 1. des 2017 

Førstelektor ved Høyskolen Diakonova Kristina Berg Torskenæs disputerer for sin PhD fredag 1.desember.

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Neste runde med fordypningskurset Helsesøster som samfunnsaktør gjennomføres i uke 45 og 46.

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Høyskolen Diakonova tilbyr et fordypningskurs om "Etniske minoriteter; barn, unge og familier i kommunehelsetjenesten i uke 48 og 49. 

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Studietilbudet i kristen sjelesorg er det første kompetansegivende sjelesorgstudium på høyskolenivå i Norge.

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